About Us

Jeff Uchida
President and CEO of Precision Hardwood Floors. Jeff learned how to install and finish
hardwood floors in a union in St. Louis. Years of experience and innovation have given Jeff a unique place in
the industry as he can personally create the hardwood floor he bids. His years of expertise and a commitment to
create a quality floor at a reasonable price has shaped PHF into the company that we are today.
You've probably seen Jeff at a car show or two, just look for the biggest truck.

Mike Uchida
Mike has been around hardwood floors with his father Jeff since he was young. Mike can be seen at PHF doing
most everything from install and tear out to sanding and finishing. Mike is currently rebuilding a Camero and attending
school for metal working.

Pat Kreutzer
Our sanding and finishing manager, Pat has been with the company for ten years. Pat has been an artist
from an early age. He brings his creativity and quality to every job. Look for Pat painting
realistic touch ups or installing custom woodwork. You may see him deep in a sketch book drawing
his next masterpiece, or just sketching the first thing on his mind.

Jeremy Kreutzer
IT manager, the other Kreutzer brother. Jeremy brings years of hard wood sanding experience to provide
our customers with an accurate overview of PHF offerings.

Mike Carroll
Mike brings years of hardwood floor experience to our team. You can count on Mike to create a quality floor
and a professional experience.

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