Our showroom is our showpiece of skill and materials. Visit our interpretation of Colorado with our plains,
foothills, the Colorado river, and even the mountains at night time.

The mountains are made from common Brazillian cherry with Walnut providing the outlines.
Maple makes up the sky and stained with the PHF exclusive color "Colorado Midnight".
The moon is made from cloudwood. The Colorado river is represented with serpentine
white oak and Brazillian cherry accented by a custom aluminum feature strip, finished with natural stain

The plains of Colorado are created with a rhombus pattern using hickory, santos mahogany, and walnut with a natural stain.
Our feature strip areas features three "flower boxes" made of exotic hardwoods set into an expansive field
of more species of wood than can be presented here. The border between the slate entry and the hardwood floor
is made of purple heart, maple, and walnut feature strips, all with natural stain.

Our star area features a built in custom puzzle with individually handcrafted pieces made from multiple
exotic and domestic hardwoods including lacewood, Australian cypress, cocabola, babenga, zebrawood, and a
myriad of others. The central star is made of hickory with a walnut border. This is set into a field
of wormy maple, which is also located under the puzzle which is cut into the hickory star, a maple border
accompanies the center circle. The wormy maple star which was removed from the floor now hangs on our wall
with a walnut border and backlit by rope lights, visable from the road at night. The medallion in the center
is made from Brazilian cherry, walnut, ash, and white oak. The wormy maple is finished with Barries water
based sealer, the rest has a natural stain applied.

We took an ordinary desk and converted it into the piece seen here. We aligned the desk to match up with the
rest of the floor using the same materials as we used to create the floor. We have our logo "floating" with
a purple heart and walnut border. We also have a rhombus inserted into the side of the desk which can spin.

Sample Area Floor

Sample Area Walls


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