Our Office

Here, at Precision Hardwood Floors Inc. we are committed to hardwood flooring, hardwood in general, recycling
our resources, and reclaimation whenever possible. Our office shows this belief to the extreme. Our office is furnished
mostly with materials which were used in another manner before making their appearance in our back office.

Please check back as our office and it's stories are placed here.

The centerpiece of our office is our large table. This table was the entry of our old showroom that can be seen in our old
buisness cards and in the second photo. We have refinshed this section with both custom stain colors and Advantage
Vibrant stain colors. The cabinets on our war table are made from recycled material which were to make more PHF puzzle
pieces. We painted the shelves to match our custom stain colors. Our chairs didn't have a wood touch, so we used
reworked and planed wood from pallet supports to add height and strength. We stained these in our Vibrant colors
and finished with Xthane satin commercial grade water based finish.

Along with many more flooring samples, we have a custom built maple cabinet with walnut trim. The counter top is
made of part of our old showroom as well. All trim is custom made by Precision Hardwood Floors. We kept our
old filing cabinets with a custom paint job to compliment our hardwood office. We reused a set of cabinets donated
by a customer in our office, again with a countertop made from recycled flooring. In the last picture you see the
showroom led by PHF medallions inlaid in the floor and our red wall.


Sample Area Floor

Sample Area Walls

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