Sample Area Walls

The walls in our sample area contain the rest of our offerings from red oak to hickory, prefinished to green
flooring. Stop by to view our numerous samples up close.

This decorative piece is made from yellow heart, walnut, and Brazillian cherry in a picture frame pattern with natural stain.

This panel is finished with Barrier Water based sealer and XThane.

Clockwise from top left: walnut, Australian cypress, carbonized strand woven bamboo, carbonized horizontal bamboo, and maple.

3-5-7 beetle kill Colorado pine with satin oil based polyurethane finish.

The left side is a mitered herring bone pattern made from Brazillian cherry, Peruvian walnut, and ash. The right side is herring bone made from select ash. This panel is finished with natural stain and XThane.

This panel is finished with Barrier water based sealer.

Top:2 1/4" select ash.
Middle:3-4-5 #2 ash.
Bottom:2 1/4" #1 ash.

This panel finished with Barrier.

Top:2 1/4" select hickory.
Middle:2 1/4" and 3 1/4" #2 hickory.
Bottom:2 1/4" #1 hickory.

Brazillian cherry in various widths and grades with natural stain.

Australian cyprus with natural stain.

Australian jarrah with natural stain.

Top:3-4-5 reclaimed chesnut.
Middle:4-6-8 beveled edge red oak with spice stain.
Bottom:5" Pacific character marked maple.

In this corner you will find other samples we offer. Highlights are the panels with all our stain samples, the bottom three have had their grain popped to take the stain darker. The other large panel is an example of green flooring with oil based finish applied.

On our back wall the large panel is our white oak panel.
Top:5" white oak with spice stain.
Middle:2 1/4" and 3 1/4" #1 white oak with nutmeg stain.
Bottom:2 1/4" select white oak with natural stain.
The rest of the wall has such samples as reclaimed maple from a Golden Junior High School to distressed flooring. You will find skip sawn samples and custom stain colors. Stop by to look at them all.

This panel contains American cherry in various widths with natural stain.

This panel contains staining samples exclusive to Precision Hardwood Floors. Clockwise from top left: eclipse black stain. an example of a logo using Advantage Vibrant standard stain colors. A French knot painted on a nutmeg stained floor. A PHF custom stain: dark red brick. A stained pattern using custom stain colors. A buffalo scene created by Pat Kreutzer using standard Advantage stain colors.

Top:Natural horizontal bamboo.
Bottom:Carbonized vertical bamboo.

This panel is made from #1 and select walnut in various widths with natural stain.

Top:2 1/4" select red oak.
Middle:3 1/4" #1 red oak.
Bottom:1 1/2" #2 red oak.
The left half of the panel is finished with Barrier water based sealer, and the right side has natural stain.

This panel showcases Advantage stains and Barrier sealer. Clockwise from top left:
golden, spice, hearth brown, nutmeg, popped ebony, popped red mahogany, natural stain, and Barrier water based sealer.


Sample Area Floor


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